How Can I Participate?


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The Whole Tale environment is completely free and open for use. Try it out now.

Working groups

Whole Tale is focused on addressing real scientific use cases. For this purpose we host a number of science and cyberinfrastructure working groups.

Science working groups focus on discussing current challenges in materials science, biology, astrophysics, environmental science, and social sciences. Topics tackled by these working groups interest include data management, reproducibility, publication, and analysis frontends.

Cyberinfrastructure and engagement working groups focus on challenges associated with provenance and reproducibility, education, and interacting with publishers.

See the Working groups page for more information.




Each year we host interns to explore different aspects of the project, from science-focused internships using the Whole Tale platform through to internships focused on development of the platform. Internships are conducted over a 10-week period and include a research stipend. Interns are paired with one or more mentors who are associated with the project.

For more information about past internships, see:


Workshops provide an opportunity for hands-on use and extension of the Whole Tale platform. Workshops focus not only on science domains but also integration of the platform with data and compute sources, publishers, and external cyberinfrastructure providers.

In 2017 we hosted our first workshop in collaboration with DataONE. The workshop allowed more than 20 researchers from Archaeology, Environmental Science, and Computer Science to build reproducible workflows and investigate a wide range of approaches to capture provenance in RStudio environments. Information about the workshop is available online.

The upcoming Workshop on Tools and Approaches for Publishing Reproducible Research will be held September 13-14, 2018.

Other ways to get involved